• Sensation Sonaran

    Here we have a sensation sonoran model. This is my favourite model of all the sensations.
    This is a 15.5" seat measured like a western. It has a tall western swell with a tall western cantle,2 removable rigging billets and g3 rigging for the stirrup attachment. It is set up in the endurance setting in the photo,this offers the most weight distribution after the hard use set-up and is my preferred stirrup attachment as I hate leathers under my legs and it also helps stabalise my legs. Good for me since an old injury. It does limit your leg movement a bit but does not fix it in one position.

    I had the flap shortened 1.5" on this one and at 5'4" with a 28" inseam this is perfect for me. The sonoran has the formal dressage flap which is very straight cut and I am effortlessly riding in a very relaxed correct position with no back,knee or ankle pain. The swell and cantle offer security but do not pin me in or restrict posting the trot. Though not great for jumping anything but small logs etc out on the trail.
    All the horses I've used this on have been very comfortable in it and the wither clearance is great in the ones I ride. I have not used it on shark fin withers but believe it would work with the correct choice of pad. From 13.2hh no withered xxxxw up to 17hh med wide medium withered with only a change in pad.
    The colours in this are butterscotch deertan seat,knee,thigh roll and binding on black cherry flap leather which was a one off hide nickers saddlery had available,I love this combination!
    This for me is a perfect trail saddle for comfort and ease of a relaxed but correct position and remains my favourite model.

  • Sensation Dressage Trail

    This is a sensation dressage trail with upgraded formal dressage pommel and cantle giving a deeper seat and upgraded g4 seat giving a neater look.

    sensation dressage trail

    I ordered this but unfortunately I just didn't get in with it,I found the formal pommel and cantle just a little too deep for me and in hindsight should have had the normal dressage trail pommel and cantle but it was a lesson learned. The colours are butterscotch deertan seat,knee,thigh roll and beading with dark coffee bean flap leather. 2 removable rigging billets and a 17" seat.
    The formal dressage pommel because of its higher stance offers a little more wither clearance but again this had been used from low wide wither to medium narrow withers with just the change of pads. For flat work this worked well to give a really deep seat and the flap is similar to a working hunter style cut and offers good shoulder room. Same 19" weight bearing panels and works well in short backs.

    This is a sensation dressage trail with 1" shortened flap and standard dressage trail pommel and cantle.

    Offers a semi deep seat with a working hunter style flap,not completely straight but only slightly forward cut.
    This fit my mare very well and was the first saddle we had had that really worked,both treed and treeless.
    The flexibility of this saddle really worked well in allowing the saddle to mould to my mares shape,medium but very wide wither,sharp rise to the group,downhill and very short backed, huge movement from behind and through her back which always caused saddles to fly forward then blocking her shoulder,nightmare to fit!
    In the picture I am using the endurance set up stirrup attachment which offers the most effective weight distribution. It does however mean you lose some of the swing in your stirrups,for me this is not a problem,it helps stabilize my left leg since a knee injury but does take a little bit of getting used to. I jumped around 2'6" in this saddle and it works well for flat work too.
    I am using a Skito pad with 3/4" inserts and a 1/2" wither shim for this particular horse but the Skito is a great pad for all types of horses and saddles and offers a very large selection of inserts and shims.

  • Sensation Westlish Rebel

    This is the Sensation Westlish Rebel model which is a merge of Western and English. This saddle offers riders the security of western swells, tall cantles but also knee rolls. I found this saddle very secure and very comfortable when I owned it. It worked very well for any hairy moments we had out on the trail! The rigging had been moved forward on this particular saddle which unfortunately meant it didn't work too well on my mare at the time, but it gave me a good idea of what I liked and what I didn't.

    Sensation Westlish

    The swell on this model isn't restricting at all but at the same time offers a lot of security. The flap for me was too forward cut,I have short legs and ride very long so my knee felt a little lost and didn't benefit from the knee rolls however this was not an issue with the saddles themselves just what my size and style of riding found. I loved the western seat and fenders,riding in jeans without chaps is fantastic :-D
    My horse went very well in this saddle,she moved freely and worked happily through her back which had always been an issue in treed saddles and other treeless saddles.

  • Freeform Elite Dressage

    This is a standard 22" base freeform elite dressage saddle. Cutback 3cm with suede underside. This saddle offers large supportive knee blocks and a higher cantle than the classic models and a more defined twist in the seat.

    I found this more comfortable for me than the classic as I prefer a large knee block to support my leg,my left especially due to an old knee injury. I was effortlessly put into a very nice position and felt secure and balanced.
    The horses I used this on all moved freely and offered canter with a smooth transition which has been a struggle in their treed saddles. I think on Parr the lack of tree and the ample shoulder room this model offers were both contributing factors.

    It has a firmer feel than the sensations for example and is not quite so malleable but still offers flexibility.
    The stirrup plate is movable by simply taking the seat off and adjusting.
    All in all a lovely saddle with a great deal of flexibility,and also show worthy for the competition ring.

    The picture is a 14hh gelding and the saddle really only just fits,the 20" short base would be better for him but I was just testing this out.
    dressage elite

  • Sensation Harmony Element

    This is the most basic model that sensation offer with a very close contact almost bareback feel. It does however offer support from the use of bolsters, you can add move or take off underneath the seat to shape it just as you want. Currently I use a cantle bolster and 2 front SHE bolsters and a pommel bolster on top to give a more noticeable rise to the front of the saddle.
    This has the ISA up stirrup ring which offers more swing but doesn't take away the excellent weight distribution system. I like this set up as it allows me more leg room when dealing with tricky situations like narrow gates,trees etc.
    The SHE offers the least wither clearance of the sensations but with pad changes I'm using it on flat to medium withers with no problems. Picture shows it in use on medium wither with a Skito half pad on top of a toklat coolback,this particular horse likes deep soft padding .

    Sensation Harmony Element
    I can mount from the ground if absolutely necessary,it is very secure. I have jumped on the trail up to around 2'6" with no problems. The base length is 19" on the weight bearing panels,only 21" overall so works very well on short backs and is also flexible to a lot of differing horse shapes.
    The colours for this saddle are a light brown deertan seat,knee,thigh roll and binding with ponderosa flap leather,lovely character leathers and the ponderosa has some grip to it.
    Overall I am very fond of this saddle and plan to start my youngster in it as I feel it is basic but very functional :-) I have no pain when riding in this saddle or any other sensations which is something that makes me very happy!

  • Spring Into 2015


    My lass has been off work for three months with a ligament strain, so winter was hard. Spring has arrived and she is sound again.:p

    I have reviews due in, so will upload these.

    I will get photos of the Barcelona as I have a vintage stirrup to add - display only. I think its 18c but even if its not original it won't matter. I bought it because I liked it :)

  • Freeform Classic and BD Approved Range

    I have been having some fun doing low level competitions in the Classic. Some people worry about treeless not being dressage legal, but the Freeform is BD approved. They do have a dressage model as well.

    We came 7th in the Prelim with 68.68%
    We also did a few showing classes coming 5th. :D

  • Dream Team Saddle

    I have had a Dream Team for 3 years now. It is so comfortable, but it has slipped round during a fast spin on a newly broken horse, although the recommended saddle pad was being used and the girth was tight. Mind you, I think that any treeless would have slipped!

    I would recommend it for normal horses, but for young or spooky horses I now use my 'HP Australian Stock Saddle' as it does not slip and is very secure.
    I use the Dream Team as the first saddle that I put on them as it is so light and comfortable for the horse.
    All in all I would say that it is the best treeless I have tried and I have tried quite a few.

  • Barefoot Stella Limited Edition, modelled by Ponygirl

    I had this saddle shipped from a UK barefoot distributor for 599. I wanted this Limited edition model and It was not available here in the US. After taking equitation lessons for 2 years having tried jump and dressage and feeling confident I bought my first horse. I've spent more time and money in the last 3 years trying to find a saddle that fits both my horse and I. What im looking for in a saddle. Affordable 200-600 Padded adjustable knee rolls Deep seat Med-Narrow twist Built in spinal protection Adjustable stirrup Adjustments No lateral movement

    Likes: Amazingly this Barefoot Stella fits my whole check list. First I want to add, there was no breaking in or getting use to this saddle as I have been riding primarily treeless for the last year and a half. Finally I am able to post or sit the trot. The seat is deep and supports me when my 17 hand saddlebred canters and best of all, absolutely no lateral movement. and has ample wither clearance. This saddle is even more secure than my wintec dressage pro that I thought would be my forever saddle.

    Dislikes: So as picky as I am the only thing I don't like is barefoots limited saddle sizes. 0, 1 or 2. And its really a guessing game to get the right fit. My suggestions are to measure the seat and length of your current saddle and buy the one that comes the closest. Measurements are available at any barefoot website.

    Quality: I have the drytex synthetic so this does not apply to the leather models. I bought mine brand new so As all new tack goes there is a breaking in period. The saddle is flexible but rigid in the important places. All stitching is neat and even. The material used is not smooth nor sticky and gives just the right amount of stick. The underside is sheeps whool and of good quality. The billets are synthetic suede. The wither arch is indestructible. After 1 months there is no visible wear.

    Summary: If you could own only 1 saddle this could be it. You can adjust the wither arch from narrow to xw and by adding more shims a treeless pad for the horse with prominent spines you can be 100% sure you are getting spinal clearance with almost any horse. Great for arena work or the trail. My husband even preferred this saddle over my other ones and he is a complete novice. Bottom line this is a awesome saddle at a affordable price.

  • Solution Smart Jump Model


    Today I tacked up as per instructions, I had spoken to the company and I can if I want have a fitter out to tweak when she covers my area.
    It says amongst other things "put on far forwards" I have to say that's alien and I was convinced it would be over her shoulder and that's going to be as far as we get! But, as it says to have your straps vertically straight, that's what we did.
    You only need a thin cotton pad, so we used the extra large Shires one.

    I lunged in walk, trot and canter and my bum was twitching to get on. My first shock was that the seat is in fact fairly hard. But I believe its due to it needing to mould and my bum expecting it to be a Freeform softish seat! Once my stirrups were shortened, we started to "settle"
    In the jumping position its really comfortable, you have space to adjust your seat and we popped a couple of jumps.

    It rides as a treed saddle, if you prefer the more bareback feel I have been told to look for the Freestyle and Energist models. This model is in my opinion as heavy as a treed would be. I love the w girthing and there is no crupper ring. It has two rings for their own make of x over breastplate.

    Its a lovely well made saddle, but I decided not to keep this model and look for a gp instead. I had a lesson and it fitted the horse lovely but wasn't totally suiting me. I think perhaps the non panel type could be better or the gp.
    It really is as flexible as they say, my horse has an upright shoulder, low wither and is very broad.

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