• Spring Into 2015


    My lass has been off work for three months with a ligament strain, so winter was hard. Spring has arrived and she is sound again.:p

    I have reviews due in, so will upload these.

    I will get photos of the Barcelona as I have a vintage stirrup to add - display only. I think its 18c but even if its not original it won't matter. I bought it because I liked it :)

  • Freeform Classic and BD Approved Range

    I have been having some fun doing low level competitions in the Classic. Some people worry about treeless not being dressage legal, but the Freeform is BD approved. They do have a dressage model as well.

    We came 7th in the Prelim with 68.68%
    We also did a few showing classes coming 5th. :D

  • Dream Team Saddle

    I have had a Dream Team for 3 years now. It is so comfortable, but it has slipped round during a fast spin on a newly broken horse, although the recommended saddle pad was being used and the girth was tight. Mind you, I think that any treeless would have slipped!

    I would recommend it for normal horses, but for young or spooky horses I now use my 'HP Australian Stock Saddle' as it does not slip and is very secure.
    I use the Dream Team as the first saddle that I put on them as it is so light and comfortable for the horse.
    All in all I would say that it is the best treeless I have tried and I have tried quite a few.

  • Barefoot Stella Limited Edition, modelled by Ponygirl

    I had this saddle shipped from a UK barefoot distributor for 599. I wanted this Limited edition model and It was not available here in the US. After taking equitation lessons for 2 years having tried jump and dressage and feeling confident I bought my first horse. I've spent more time and money in the last 3 years trying to find a saddle that fits both my horse and I. What im looking for in a saddle. Affordable 200-600 Padded adjustable knee rolls Deep seat Med-Narrow twist Built in spinal protection Adjustable stirrup Adjustments No lateral movement

    Likes: Amazingly this Barefoot Stella fits my whole check list. First I want to add, there was no breaking in or getting use to this saddle as I have been riding primarily treeless for the last year and a half. Finally I am able to post or sit the trot. The seat is deep and supports me when my 17 hand saddlebred canters and best of all, absolutely no lateral movement. and has ample wither clearance. This saddle is even more secure than my wintec dressage pro that I thought would be my forever saddle.

    Dislikes: So as picky as I am the only thing I don't like is barefoots limited saddle sizes. 0, 1 or 2. And its really a guessing game to get the right fit. My suggestions are to measure the seat and length of your current saddle and buy the one that comes the closest. Measurements are available at any barefoot website.

    Quality: I have the drytex synthetic so this does not apply to the leather models. I bought mine brand new so As all new tack goes there is a breaking in period. The saddle is flexible but rigid in the important places. All stitching is neat and even. The material used is not smooth nor sticky and gives just the right amount of stick. The underside is sheeps whool and of good quality. The billets are synthetic suede. The wither arch is indestructible. After 1 months there is no visible wear.

    Summary: If you could own only 1 saddle this could be it. You can adjust the wither arch from narrow to xw and by adding more shims a treeless pad for the horse with prominent spines you can be 100% sure you are getting spinal clearance with almost any horse. Great for arena work or the trail. My husband even preferred this saddle over my other ones and he is a complete novice. Bottom line this is a awesome saddle at a affordable price.

  • Solution Smart Jump Model


    Today I tacked up as per instructions, I had spoken to the company and I can if I want have a fitter out to tweak when she covers my area.
    It says amongst other things "put on far forwards" I have to say that's alien and I was convinced it would be over her shoulder and that's going to be as far as we get! But, as it says to have your straps vertically straight, that's what we did.
    You only need a thin cotton pad, so we used the extra large Shires one.

    I lunged in walk, trot and canter and my bum was twitching to get on. My first shock was that the seat is in fact fairly hard. But I believe its due to it needing to mould and my bum expecting it to be a Freeform softish seat! Once my stirrups were shortened, we started to "settle"
    In the jumping position its really comfortable, you have space to adjust your seat and we popped a couple of jumps.

    It rides as a treed saddle, if you prefer the more bareback feel I have been told to look for the Freestyle and Energist models. This model is in my opinion as heavy as a treed would be. I love the w girthing and there is no crupper ring. It has two rings for their own make of x over breastplate.

    Its a lovely well made saddle, but I decided not to keep this model and look for a gp instead. I had a lesson and it fitted the horse lovely but wasn't totally suiting me. I think perhaps the non panel type could be better or the gp.
    It really is as flexible as they say, my horse has an upright shoulder, low wither and is very broad.

  • Barcelona Riding Bareback Pad

    Or Vaquero Mixta- Spanish / Portuguese Baroque.

    The pad has been tweaked since the original, the original -


    This pad has a patterned base layer in the style of the portugese / Spanish Vaquero saddle. The main colour is navy and gold with brown ties. It has been weighted to stop it blowing too much and tested in windy conditions.
    The pad has been 90% hand tied with rolled edges and is custom made to fit the horse. It has the saddle drape (mantra Estribera) at the front over the "pommel" , navy in this case.

    The top seat layer is faux wool and quilted, this gives a slight "cantle" which can be adjusted to suit. This seat be shimmed / padded if required for more spinal clearance/ comfort. It comes off so can be changed to wool, to change colour or for a different size.

    The front gives the impression of a "pommel" and this has a soft wither clearance gullet. It has rings for a breastplate etc if required. The girth fits loosely as this is a pad as is hidden underneath the layers.

    No stirrups and no attachment to fit any.

    The newer version I have removed the seat completely and added a cantle at the back. It has the option of knee rolls if those are required.

  • Freeform Icelandic

    Introducing the NEW Icelandic Saddle from Freeform. 

    "This new saddle is available in a Short Back 20″ base or an Extra Short Back 18″ base. Designed for Icelandics, Haflingers, Pasos and short back Arabs.  This saddle has a straight flap for freedom of shoulder movement, fitting the wider horse or using panels for the slab sided Arab.  Seat size up to 17.5″ for the 20″ base and 16.5″ for the 18″ base.  Nice knee roll.  This saddle is at home as a dressage, trail, endurance or all purpose saddle.  I have clients riding endurance to dressage with it. Velcro comes standard for panel system."

    Currently available from Saddle Up, Virginia state USA

  • Ghost Treeless Saddles


    Anyone got one?
    I remember these when they first came out. I have read that they were designed by the owner of Torsion. I am not sure if that's actually the case?

  • Barefoot Fur Saddle


    So far available from Barefoot directly and a company in Australia.

    If you find one in the UK or USA tell me.

    Also new to Barefoot is the Madrid.

  • The Cashel G2

    This is the first review of this model. If you have a review from a non wide horse, please let me know.
    I had the original Cashel and its interesting to note they have put fleece on the underside. The original just had a foam base.

    I attempted the Cashel G2 on my 14.2 Haflinger mare. She DOES has withers! She has a very large shoulder and what i would call a short back as she cannot take a western with a full skirt, otherwise it would hit her hips.

    She normally weights in the 875-900lb range (using a weight tape so i am sure not 100% correct). She is barrel shaped.

    The G2 arrived with a very strong "gas" smell. I am guessing from the foam. It appeared well made and i liked that it could be opened up and adjustments made to stirrup locations. The seat of the saddle seemed very grippy. The underside of the saddle was a faux fleece.

    I used my own western girth. For starters, i could not get my girth tight enough. So i attempted the fit with a shorter girth. Again, it felt like i could not get it tight enough. I could hardly fit my hand between girth and the underside of the horse, but i could fit my first between girth and side of horse (just below saddle flap). So that meant all of the pressure of the saddle/girth was concentrated on her withers and underside.

    I still attempted to sit in the saddle on her. I used a mounting block and hopped on without using the stirrups. The saddle was soft for my seat, but otherwise i felt like i was sitting about 2 feet above the horse, but still had no twist. the saddle flaps, because of their padding and the wideness of my horse did not actually curve to fit my horse. Perhaps after hours of riding it would start to conform, but i was not willing to try it. I also could tell the saddle would slip from side to side when i alternated weight in the stirrups to test slip ability.

    Shipping back to the manufacturer was difficult. Costs were really high so i had to ship via USPS for around 40$. I did receieve a full refund of the saddle (but of course i was out the money it cost me to ship back).

    For a wide horse, i would not recomend this saddle. Perhaps it would work on a thinner horse. I think this saddle would work if they changed it to keep the seat, change the flaps to have less or basically no padding, changing the fleece to nonslip material and have shaped padding on the underside to provide built in spine clearance.

    For comparison, i normally ride my halfinger in a Marcel Toulouse Premia with a wide tree. I have heard that their wide is more like a Medium wide. Sizing wise, she would fit a MW wintec gullet.

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